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An old list

I’ve seen a new list go around about “things you don’t understand about silicon valley”. link I remember a similar list that went around in 2000, right in the middle of the first boom. I updated it with the ‘new reality’ of 2001. You now know you work in Silicon Valley when… Old – You […]

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Dim Sum Effect

Given a situation where there is food available for shared consumption and where the food consists of groups of single items (Dim Sum or Hot Wings). The Dim Sum Effect is when the food is depleted to the point that every group of food has one item remaining. At this point, the rate of items […]

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Nelson’s Law of Demo Probabilities

The more embarrassing it is for a bug to appear in the product you are demoing the more likely it is to occur. Conversely, and also as common, during a demo of a bug in order to get help in fixing it, the more embarrassing it is for the bug to disappear, the more likely […]

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18 the new 18 Not sure what exactly I could use it for, what’s significant about 18? Hmm…

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So much f*&!king feta…

A story, My good friend and I paid a visit to another friend in the vast metropolis of Fort Langley BC. The visit turned into a small party, naturally, so we had all been drinking, some more then others. As drunkards well know, at around midnite you get kind of hungry. An idea was presented […]

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DIY Photo Booth

Finally got back to making something, it was a while, but it felt nice. The Back Story A year or so ago my wife and I hosted a 30th birthday for a close friend. At our wedding 5 years ago, we rented a photo booth and all of our guests rejoiced, so now for the […]

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Work Pet Peeve

Emails: From:                  Subject: CEO             Re: Re: re: Re: re:RE:FW: Sales call SalesDude1 Sales call 10% SalesDude1 Sales call 50% VPofSales       re:RE:re:FW call 75% SalesDude2 Sales call 50% […]

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The Design – principles

As I posted before, I was thinking of using VGA for a while, but my first real breakthrough in the design was the thought that rather than just reading directly off of the chip I could read one byte off, store that in a latch, then with a 8-to-1 chip, I could read one bit […]

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Arduino VGA Frame interface project.

Here is my VGA card in its completed Glory. Over the next few posts I’ll explain some of the theory behind it, and more importantly, I’m going to try to describe some newbie electronics issues I met and how I overcame them. When I was building this I found myself constantly researching in many books […]

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Electronics, A personal history.

  I have always been interested in electronics,but I always found myself blocking on really sitting down and learning electronics, rather than just building kits.  I remember spending hours and hours building circuit after circuit with a Radio Shack 75-in-1 kit when I was 10-14 years old. I hoped to eventually learn why this resistor […]

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