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From:                  Subject:
CEO             Re: Re: re: Re: re:RE:FW: Sales call
SalesDude1 Sales call 10%
SalesDude1 Sales call 50%
VPofSales       re:RE:re:FW call 75%
SalesDude2 Sales call 50%
VPofSales       RE:re:FW call 75%
VPofSales       Re: re: Re: re:RE:FW: Sales call

Oh hey, there’s an email from the CEO, lets read that one….

<—begin email—->

Subject: Re: Re: re: Re: re:RE:FW: Sales call

Hey, I never heard back on wether this is done or not

>VP of sales wrote:

>Congrats on the big sale! Woo HOo!

>>From:Sales Dude #2

>>Hey, awesome news!

>>>From:Sales Woman
>>>Sounds awesome!

>>>>VP of Eng wrote:
>>>>This will really help our bottom line!
>>>>We'll get right on this!
>>>>>Director of Sales wrote:
>>>>>Hey, glad to hear everything went well at the call!
>>>>>You guys really rock!

>>>>>>CEO wrote:
>>>>>>This is really exciting!!!!
>>>>>>>Sales Dude #1 wrote:
>>>>>>> really loved the demo! They're going to sign!

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