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An old list

I’ve seen a new list go around about “things you don’t understand about silicon valley”. link I remember a similar list that went around in 2000, right in the middle of the first boom. I updated it with the ‘new reality’ of 2001. You now know you work in Silicon Valley when… Old – You […]

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Dim Sum Effect

Given a situation where there is food available for shared consumption and where the food consists of groups of single items (Dim Sum or Hot Wings). The Dim Sum Effect is when the food is depleted to the point that every group of food has one item remaining. At this point, the rate of items […]

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Work Pet Peeve

Emails: From:                  Subject: CEO             Re: Re: re: Re: re:RE:FW: Sales call SalesDude1 Sales call 10% SalesDude1 Sales call 50% VPofSales       re:RE:re:FW call 75% SalesDude2 Sales call 50% […]

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Starting Out

So… A blog. In the past years I’ve had thoughts and projects that I’ve shared on Reddit and other sites. I’ve spent time composing rebuttals, articles, pictures and assembled electronic projects and webapps only to have them lost to history or scattered across the internets. Here I’ll try to accumulate them into one spot.

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