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Arduino VGA Frame interface project.

Here is my VGA card in its completed Glory. Over the next few posts I’ll explain some of the theory behind it, and more importantly, I’m going to try to describe some newbie electronics issues I met and how I overcame them. When I was building this I found myself constantly researching in many books […]

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Electronics, A personal history.

  I have always been interested in electronics,but I always found myself blocking on really sitting down and learning electronics, rather than just building kits.  I remember spending hours and hours building circuit after circuit with a Radio Shack 75-in-1 kit when I was 10-14 years old. I hoped to eventually learn why this resistor […]

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New Project Released Live

So, I’ve been working on an app for FoxSports for a while now. Its been more or less finished for a few months, but finally its gone live. Its nice to see some press about it, including TechCrunch picking it up. On capable browsers it uses some new fangled CSS3 animations, I used the translate3d function to […]

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Starting Out

So… A blog. In the past years I’ve had thoughts and projects that I’ve shared on Reddit and other sites. I’ve spent time composing rebuttals, articles, pictures and assembled electronic projects and webapps only to have them lost to history or scattered across the internets. Here I’ll try to accumulate them into one spot.

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