New Project Released Live

So, I’ve been working on an app for FoxSports for a while now. Its been more or less finished for a few months, but finally its gone live. Its nice to see some press about it, including TechCrunch picking it up. On capable browsers it uses some new fangled CSS3 animations, I used the translate3d function to get some GPU help on Mobile Devices, and on webkit it looks awesome. Unfortunately webkit also gave me the biggest problems. Between Safari only allowing clicks on certain divs constrained by their siblings and Chrome blowing up the layout when a fixed position DIV was nearby, there were many many headaches. Just glad it all looks pretty cool in the end. Most of the coolness is from Sarah Waterson’s awesome design though.

Starting Out


A blog. In the past years I’ve had thoughts and projects that I’ve shared on Reddit and other sites. I’ve spent time composing rebuttals, articles, pictures and assembled electronic projects and webapps only to have them lost to history or scattered across the internets. Here I’ll try to accumulate them into one spot.